Consigning at Changes Resale

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CONSIGNOR NOTICE  -- Our cup runneth over (and so does our back room). We are accepting only designer items through the end of October. After Nov. 1st, bring us the best of your fall/winter & holiday wear, purses, accessories and small home decor.  CALL 281-316-4224 BEFORE BRINGING YOUR ITEMS - WE APPRECIATE YOUR COOPERATION IN CHECKING ON SPACE AVAILABILITY.  WE CLOSE CONSIGNMENT THE LAST FULL WEEK OF EACH MONTH.


Do I need an appointment?  When do you accept consignments?
We accept consignments during regular business hours and close consignment the last full week of every month. No appointment is necessary but it is a good idea to call before you come as we can only accept consignments as space in our back room allows.

Why didn't you take my stuff? You hurt my feelings!
We certainly didn't mean to!  It isn’t personal – it's business. We are extraordinarily picky because our customers count on our reputation to carry only the best in resale fashion and accessories. We want Changes shoppers to know they can confidently shop without having to examine every potential purchase inch by inch --- we’ve done it already! We are able to accept 1500-2000 items each month and are offered many times that amount from consignors wishing to place their items for sale.

Do you accept and sell fakes or knock-offs?
We do not and not only is it illegal to do so, we feel very strongly about authenticity. All designer purses brought to us are inspected and researched and we are thoroughly trained to spot fakes. We just hate it when we have to tell someone that the purse from Aunt Hilda isn’t real, but let’s give Aunt Hilda the benefit of the doubt and assume she didn’t know either! We likely turn away authentic items that we are unable to authenticate to our satisfaction, but we are confident that knock-offs do not reach our floor. We urge you to visit The Authentics Foundation's website to learn how the manufacturing and sale of counterfeit goods is connected to child labor and supports terrorism, money laundering, drug cartels and other criminal enterprise.

            Changes Resale will give you a $5.00 store credit in exchange for any counterfeit handbag.
            The bag will be used as a demonstrative prop in future “How to Spot Fakes” classes or will
            be destroyed.

I have more pressing questions!  How do I get my answers?
Call us at 281-316-4224 or better yet, come and see us at Changes! We are always happy to help.